Services for Booksellers & Wholesalers

The Nielsen BookScan sevice is the most comprehensive source of book industry intelligence currently available in Australia. It is providing the major publishers and retailers in Australia with new business insights that are being utilised to make more effective strategic decisions.

In return for booksellers’ weekly sales data, Nielsen BookScan provides booksellers with access to Australian bestseller lists and market share reports.

Used to its maximum potential, Nielsen BookScan is a lot more than a bestseller list!

Typically, Nielsen BookScan collects the sales from over 60,000 titles every week. Of these, the Top 5000 titles represents almost 70% of weekly revenue. Stocking the titles that generate revenue is the challenge most booksellers face.

  • Am I stocking the best selling titles sold in Australia?
  • Am I price competitive?
  • Do I have enough stock on hand for a fast moving title?
  • Did I order too much of a slow mover?
  • Do I have the right mix of special category titles, eg Sport, Food & Drink
  • What impact are new titles having on my market share?
  • Where are the opportunities? What's in vogue?
  • Was a promotion effective and profitable?
  • How does one author's sales compare to another's?
  • Do I have the right backlist mix?

Chains, discount/department stores and Independents are increasingly using BookScan information to identify their market and make strategic buying decisions.

As a data contributor, booksellers receive Australian data and their own data on a weekly, 4 weekly and 12 weekly basis for free. Booksellers can also purchase additional reports at very favourable rates. 

Reporting examples include:

  • Bestseller charts by genre (weekly, 4 weekly, 12 weekly or annual)
  • Publisher market share reports (also available by imprint)
  • Category trend reports
  • Category market share reports
  • Life time sales for individual titles
  • Title trends over time
  • Author profiles
  • Access to media charts several days before publication

Not only is information available for the Australian book industry, but there is also the opportunity to predict future sales trends via access to our UK and US BookScan services.

What's in it for the independent bookseller?

In return for access to a store's weekly sales data, BookScan provides on a weekly basis at no cost to the bookseller:

  • Top 100 bestsellers in Australia
  • Top 200 bestsellers within independent bookstores
  • Top 50 bestsellers by genre (rotating list each week)

This information is for the exclusive use of booksellers participating in the panel. Participating booksellers use the information to compare against their own sales and analyse whether they are stocking the bestselling titles, are there gaps in the range, what are the fast and slow moving titles and where are the opportunities.

To view a presentation on how to use The BookScan bestseller charts please select one of the following:

How to use your charts - PowerPoint 1105kb
(Microsoft PowerPoint required to view file)

How to use your charts - pdf 568kb
(Adobe Reader required to view file - available free at

It is quite simple to contribute sales data to the retailer panel. In normal circumstances, it takes 5 minutes of your time each week, if that!

Are you interested?

If you can answer “yes” to the following points, you could participate in the service.

  • I have a computerized POS system in my store (to collect the sales data we require)
  • I am able to connect to the internet from my POS system (in order to send my sales data weekly to BookScan)
  • I use one of the following systems: eBility, BookScan, ComputerLink, Biztronics, mBibliofile, BookNet, CABs., BookMine
  • I can commit to sending data every week

The confidentiality of your sales data is guaranteed via our confidentiality agreement.

Information for independent booksellers

BookScan uses a weighted sample of independent booksellers to represent the sales of general independent booksellers in Australia.

Why a sample? In a perfect world, we would have 100% of independent booksellers contributing their sales data to the service but in reality, there are system issues etc. that will always cause obstacles. A representative sample of small, medium and large booksellers, within each state of Australia is therefore the best method for measuring book sales through this very important channel.

The sample is a weighted continuous panel; that is, the same booksellers contribute data week after week which provides an opportunity to analyse sales patterns within the independent channel. The term “weighted” is another term for a projection factor – simply, various statistical factors are applied to the sales data from the sample which represents the book sales from 300 general independents across Australia. The more booksellers in the sample, the less weighting required.

Currently, BookScan has almost 100 independents contributing their sales data on a weekly basis. From a statistical point of view, this is considered a very good sample size: TV ratings, election polling and grocery sales tracking use sample proportions smaller than this.

We do recognize the diverse group of independent booksellers in Australia, and are therefore continuing to build the sample size to ensure we maintain an accurate representation of the independent bookselling channel in Australia.

Booksellers wishing to join Nielsen BookScan
For further information contact Louise Goodwin on 02 8873 7452
or email: